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Join the Movement with these  “Mental Health Permissions Slips”!

The permission movement allows individuals to free themselves of burdens put on by society or themselves. By acknowledging these you are letting them go and embracing better mental health.

I created this movement because I was tired of beating myself up for my past, and the emotions and the fears I couldn’t control. When I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder as a teenager, I felt the stigma of  mental illness. I have struggled with the ups and down of my illness and the distorted views of society and their classification of people with mental illnesses. I hope that this movement will help those with and without mental illnesses to join forces for the greater cause… better mental health.

We will not be able to have better, mentally healthy lives, without allowing ourselves to feel and be who we are. I hope that The Permission Movement empowers others as it has empowered me.

Here’s how:

  1. Print Permission Slips
  2. Give Yourself Permission to(fill in the blank)…. or use a pre-created Permission Slip
  3. Snap a Pic!
  4. Upload to Instagram
  5. Use #ThePermissionMovement
  6. and Tag me! @MentalHealthandMotherhood


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Download “Mental Health Permissions Slips”