Mental Health Check-In #1


Hello, Beautiful!

It’s important to remember the little things in life that we can do for ourselves daily when our lives can be so hectic. So here is a reminder and some encouragement…

Stop what you are doing, yes, take a break. Go outside and breath in the fresh air. Take in 5 deep inhales, hold the breath for 5 seconds and exhale. Release any tension from the day. Your body, and mind will thank you for the break!

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  1. Alisha

    Thank you. A few weeks ago, it seemed like my world was just collapsing. Slowly crumbling all around me, but I’ve started to make an effort to take regular breaks and take better care of myself. This post, as simple as it is, just reminded me to slow down again. It’s so much easier to get right back into old habits, than it is to actually change.

    1. Post
      Mental Health Andrea

      I’m glad this post touched you and reminded you that it is important to take care of ourselves first. There are some many people that rely on us every day but if we don’t have things on a semi right track you will find it hard to help anyone. Thank you so much for your comment! I look forward to reading your blog and sharing a bond of caregiving with you. xo, Andrea

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